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Silks Hair celebrating 21 years in business

Silks Hair use top-quality hair, styling and colouring products including Wella and Moroccan Oil as well as their new and exciting "green" product - "EVO Hair". Giving customers the chance to purchase products over the counter, you will have the opportunity to maintain a salon quality finish at home


Top quality hair products

Top quality hair products


A high-range product for both styling, colouring and technical services.
It is a highly-regarded product and trusted by the industry.
This is why we stock and use the products that we think are perfect for all your styling needs.


Saving Ordinary Humans From Themselves (TM)

We have introduced this as a new and exciting product and also a conscious product for the environment - it is green through and through. A bit quirky and a bit cheeky, but a great product and lots of fun.
In their own words 'EVO is a concept, a way of thinking, a lifestyle choice. EVO is about real, everyday life with a mission to evoke interest and have a laugh at the same time'.

* Skin testing may be required for technical treatments